Welcome to the Library for Knowledge of Life!

In the ever-growing library, we have collected older esoteric literature of great value for seekers, students and researchers. This heritage of knowledge includes, for example, the theosophical literature with representations by H.P. Blavatsky, C.W. Leadbeater, Alice Bailey et al. The library also contains the compilations of hylozoic subjects that have been produced within the framework of the association’s activities.

In addition to books with original covers, i.a. those by Henry T. Laurency and Lars Adelskogh, there are texts in the library with the association’s self-designed covers. Books published by Dodekaeder Publisher in reprints have orange, white and blue on the cover, while digital (pdf, epub) facsimile editions of older esoteric literature have blue and white. The association’s compilations have orange and white on the cover.

Note that older esoteric literature before 1950, contains an Oriental-inspired and symbolic terminology for descriptions of reality. These older representations therefore differ from the precisely formulated terminology in hylozoics, which is the Western and most recently published representation. We therefore recommend the reader unfamiliar with hylozoics to first study the texts in the Introduction section, especially the compilation Esoteric Terminology and Symbolism.

All texts by Henry T. Laurency and Lars Adelskogh, together with compilations of these texts, constitute copyrighted material. The texts, which are reproduced with permission from the Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation and Lars Adelskogh, respectively, are downloaded from the following websites: och

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