Dodekaeder Publishing House has recently published ‘Greve de Saint Germain – Det adertonde århundradets stora gåta’ by G. Halfdan Liander.

“Never say this is wrong! You have to study to know, you have to know to understand, and you have to understand to be able to judge.” – Narada

“As regards the theory of knowledge, everything is above all what it appears to be: physical material reality, but besides that, always something quite different and immensely more.” – Henry T. Laurency

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Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 3
Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 3
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:38 Short introduction
0:01:18 What is the meaning of
life according to hylozoics?
1:15:19 Closure
Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 2
Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 2
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:38 Short introduction
0:00:57 What is the difference
between world view and
life view?
0:49:32 Is there any evidence
for the Hylozoics?
1:05:31 Is the idea of reincar-
nation included in the hylozoics?
1:24:16 Closure
Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 1
Interview with Lars Adelskogh – Part 1
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:38 Presentation of the
association and the publisher
0:01:41 What is knowledge about
reality? Esoterics?
0:27:12 What is the difference
between esoterics and hylozoics?
1:13:57 Closure

Good thinkers: Pythagoras

Pythagoras (about 700 BCE) founded a colony (called Crotona) outside Taormina in Sicily. With his hylozoics, he wanted to lay the foundation for the science of the future. When Pythagoras appeared, esoteric schools had existed for thousands of years. The novelty of his esoteric school was the systematic and lucid mode of presenting the knowledge of ancient knowledge, which all older and younger schools had in common. He understood the Greek sense of concrete knowledge, scientific method, and exactness. How far ahead of his times he was is clear from the fact that it is only now that his system has a prospect of being generally comprehended. This is so thanks to the fact that scientific research has reached so far that it is beginning to converge with some basic hylozoic principles. Where­as science deals with physical reality only, hylozoics primarily describes the super­physical reality.

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'Greve de Saint Germain – Det adertonde århundradets stora gåta' by G. Halfdan Liander
Greve de Saint Germain – Det adertonde århundradets stora gåta
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We need a new world view and life view

“Why do we live? Has life a meaning? Is death the end? Is there any higher power in the universe? If there is, then why does life appear so cruel and meaningless?”

All thinking people must ask themselves such questions many times in life. Some people accept the traditional Christian answers. Others think that Christianity is untenable: “The results of scientific research have refuted the Christian world picture on important points, the story of creation, for instance.”

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”When sufficiently many such originally esoteric ideas have been generally accepted, more and more people will be interested in knowing their source and will study esoterics. This has been possible for more than a hundred years already, for in the year 1875 the knowledge formerly kept secret began to be publicized”

Historians, like philosophers, too, nowadays (being ignorant of the past), assume that the knowledge of reality is a result of natural research and that in prehistoric times people did not possess that knowledge. They are certainly right in saying that mankind has been profoundly ignorant of reality, even physical reality, has been the victim of the superstitions of its ignorant leaders. It is understandable that they reject everything old without examining it as though it were useless superstition.

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