Purpose of the website

“There are many who already at the first contact with the esoteric find it immediately self-evident. That is the case, as Plato argued, that knowledge is remembrance anew. Everything we can immediately perceive, comprehend, understand, we have assimilated in previous incarnations.“

Welcome to the website! The site is owned and operated by the non-profit association Knowledge for the Harmonious Development of Man. The purpose of the association is to spread and promote, in Sweden and abroad, the knowledge about reality, the esoteric world view and life view, especially Pythagoras’ doctrine of knowledge, hylozoics, as it has been presented by Henry T. Laurency and Lars Adelskogh.

In accordance with the purpose of the association, the aim of this online site is to spread the esoteric world view and life view, especially the hylozoics. Our ambition is to facilitate the reader through the structure and content of the website, to get a first orientation in this extensive source of knowledge for further studies of Henry T. Laurencys ( and Lars Adelskoghs ( books.

We recommend that the reader not already familiar to hylozoics to first study the texts in the Introduction section, before proceeding to explore other material on the website. A basic orientation in the subject, as well as putting the hylozoics in its proper context, is a good preparation before in-depth studies of the texts in the sections of the Esoteric world view and Esoteric life view.

The Good Thinkers section contains presentations of knowledge communicators and humanists, which the association especially wants to highlight for their great efforts for humanity. Several of these philosophers and great humanists were actually teachers of knowledge of life, art of living and wisdom of life. Their writings originate from the Pythagorean school, and they are closely related to the recent presentation of the esoteric life view.

In the Library for Knowledge of Life we have collected valuable, invaluable books, that are intended to lead humanity to good human relationships, to live a sensible, purposeful life in the physical, emotional and mental. The library collection is constantly replenished with new material and will eventually also include collections of videos, quotes and axioms as well as other inspiring content for the one, who have embarked on the esoteric path.

The association is digitizing valuable literature and also publishes reprints of selected works through its own publishing house, Dodekaeder Publishing House.

“Veidos” is an ancient Greek word, the word that Plato uses in his writings as a designation of the good, true and beautiful images, which are the imperishable elements of all real knowledge. Read more here.

The symbol of the association is the dodecahedron, one of the five Platonic bodies. The dodecahedron has twelve sides, all representing an essential quality to be perfected by man before he can proceed in evolution.

The front page of the website is adorned with the painting School in Athens by Rafaello Sanzio (1483–1520). This website contains explanations regarding several of the persons present in the painting.

If you would like to receive information about news on the website, newly published books from Dodekaeder Publishing House and other information from the association, you can sign up for our newsletter here.

All work in the association takes place on a voluntary basis. If you want to support our work, please feel free to contact us.

In conclusion, we wish all visitors of this site, inspiring and rewarding studies in a harmonious spirit.

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