The Twelve Essential Qualities

The twelve essential qualities, corresponding to the twelve qualities developing during the incarnations at the humanist stage and in the twelve zodiacal signs (the twelve zodiacal qualities, performing the twelve labours of Herakles) can only be approximately intimated by comparison with generally known human qualities. The following is an attempt to group some of the most necessary qualities under the essential ones. It is obvious that they in some respects can be regarded as particularly typical of the different departments and that they are chiefly acquired through experience at various stages of development and in the seven main envelope centres. Definitive information from the planetary hierarchy is still lacking.

1 Trust in Life

security, safety, assurance, lightheartedness
faith, hope, confidence
trust in Law, courage
realization that there is no failure
realization that everything is planned for the best
faith in the powers of life within us
freedom from: fear, anxiety, envy, despair

2 Trust in Self

self-determination, self-criticism
frankness, determination to win
self-control, balance
ability to decide for oneself what is good and right
freedom from various complexes: sin, guilt, shame, inferiority,
despair, slavery to authority, bad conscience, shyness

3 Obedience to Law

sense of duty
moderation, striking the golden mean
honesty, straightforwardness
freedom from: stubbornness, self-will, fanaticism

4 Uprightness

uprightness, justness, sincerity
integrity, objectivity, honesty

5 Impersonality

unconcern, invulnerability, “indifference”
self-forgetfulness, directness, simplicity, spontaneity
independence of the opinions of others
“not being the centre of one’s circle”
“to be naked is to be innocent”
artless, natural, unselfish
impartiality, emancipation
freedom from: self-importance, self-centredness, conceit,
delusion, self-glory, boasting, fanaticism, vanity,
desire for recognition, self-assertion

6 Will to Sacrifice

altruism, disinterest
resignation of power, glory, riches, gluttony
liberality, generosity, magnanimity
capacity for work, capability, accuracy
freedom from: pride, greed, ambition, self-interest, egoism,
demands, claims, sense of compulsion, inner and outer prohibitions

7 Faithfulness

loyalty, reliability, steadfastness, constancy
gratitude, dedication, sense of responsibility
commitment to duty, honesty

8 Reticence

thought-control, attention, watchfulness
stillness, “let thy war-song cease”, concentration
non-resistance, accepting life
freedom from: negativism, criticism, gossip, spirit of opposition, wrath, discontentment

9 Joy in Life

joy, happiness, bliss
“life is wonderful”
“outlet”, liberation
pleasure is power
surrender to life without reserve
freedom from: bitterness, grief, suffering, suppression, complexes,
inhibitions, moralism and idealism that destroy joy
dissatisfaction, triviality, self-torture

10 Purposefulness

energy, power, efficiency
firmness, unshakableness, unyieldingness
will to live, self-realization
“I can, I will, I dare, I shall”
staying power
freedom from: thoughtlessness, self-defeat

11 Wisdom

knowledge, insight, understanding
common sense, power of judgement, art of living
freedom from: dogmatism, moralism, pride

12 Unity

attraction, love, goodness
admiration, affection, compassion, kindness
respect, veneration, worship
tact, delicacy, consideration
service, patience
freedom from: hatred, vengeance, malice
moralism, tactlessness, contempt.

The above text constitutes the essay The Conception of Right by Henry T. Laurency.
The essay is the eighth section of the book Knowledge of Life One by Henry T. Laurency.
The text is a translation from the Swedish by Lars Adelskogh. The original translation, made in 1988, was revised by Lars Adelskogh in 2019. The present text is the revised one.
Copyright © 1988 and 2019 by the Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation
( All rights reserved.
Last corrections entered October 25th, 2021.

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